Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week, I'll be doing things a little differently. I am going to list the DayCare menu first, then our own personal menu plan.

Daycare Menu Plan:
     *Breakfast: Toast/ banana/ milk
     *Snack: Crackers/ juice
     * Lunch: Macaroni & Cheese/ Green Beans/ Pears/ Milk
     * Snack: Dry Cereal/ juice

     *Breakfast: Eggs/ Toast/ Bacon/ Milk
    *Snack: Fruit cup/ juice
    *Lunch: Chicken Nuggets/ Fries/ green beans/ milk
    *Snack: Watermelon/ juice

      *Breakfast: oatmeal/ banana/ milk
      *Snack: Dry cereal/ juice
      *Lunch: Peanut butter & banana sandwiches/ applesauce/ milk
      *Snack: Cookies/ juice

      *Breakfast: French toast sticks/ orange wedges/ milk
      *Snack: Banana/ juice
      * Lunch: Grilled Cheese/ Peas/ watermelon/ milk
      *Snack: Cheese Sticks/ jiuce

      *Breakfast: Cereal/ fruit/ milk
      *Snack: crackers/ juice
      *Lunch: Hot Dogs/ Corn/ Mixed fruit/ milk
     *Snack: cookies/ jiuce

Now onto the family menu for the week!

*Monday: Pork Chops/ Rice/ Cauliflower
*Tuesday: Whole Chicken in the Crock Pot/ potatoes/ corn
*Wednesday: Burgers/ salad
*Thursday: Chicken/ pasta/ salad
*Friday: Eat out night
*Saturday:Hot Dogs/ fries/ salad
*Sunday: Whole roasted chicken/ mashed potatoes/ corn

Well, that is my plan for the week! For more menu ideas, stop by The Organizing Junkie!

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