Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Daycare Kiddies

I FINALLY think I've got the hang of uploading pics to the computer! So, I thought I would give you a little peek of my babies!

This is lunch time at my house! From left to right: Sophia, Luke, Chase, Bryce & Ashton!

Here is the lone girl! Sophia this past week. She is 14 months old and the resident DIVA! I have never seen another child as prissy as she is!

My "Little Man" Luke. He is 20 months old! I've had him the longest. And he LOVES to boss the younger babies around!

Ashton is the largest of the triplets, and 15 months old. Just look at those curls! Don't let the cuteness fool you! He is ALWAYS  bullying one of the others!

Bryce is the smallest of the triplets, again 15 months. Let me tell you, he is the little instigator! He is FEARLESS and HAS to be into something at ALL times! LOL, He always keeps me on my toes!

Chase is the quiet triplet. You find him off to himself, playing by himself or watching all the other babies getting into trouble. I think you can just see him just take it all in! When he gets older, I think he is going to be the sneakiest of the three!

This is snack time! Don't they all look like little angels? One quiet time of the day! Aren't they all just adorable? I swear, I love everyone of them like my own! And it is so much fun around here every day!

Well, off to bed! G' nite everyone!

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