Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Crazier Than Usual Week

Whew..... what a crazy week! This was my first week without Luke ;o(  His Mother lost her job last week and I was missing him terribly! Monday was my first "regular" day with the Triplets since April started back to work. Sophia usual gets here about 5:45 am, the Triplets arrived at 6:45 am. I try to keep them on the schedule that April has them on as much as possible.

Sophia decided to be miss Drama Queen this week. I couldn't get out of her sight without her screaming bloody murder! And god forbid one of the Triplets even touched her! LOL. Then April asked me to watch the Triplets overnight Tuesday night. Of course I agreed. We had so much fun! After Dinner (and these boys can EAT), we had bath time with bubbles ;o), then a story before bed. They slept all night this time around so, I got a few hours before Sophia arrived Wednesday morning. Again, she was Miss Drama Mama! Usually she is a really happy baby but, I guess she is going through a clingy phase. Her Daddy said that she had been the same way at home this week.

Thursday Luke came for a visit. His Mom said that he had been asking for me and since she had some things to do, she brought him over. He was here until 1 am Friday morning and we had a BLAST! You should have seen him in The Hubbeast's recliner! He knows how to work the leaver to raise to foot and would raise the foot, get in the chair with a pillow, grab his toy remote and lean back. LOL! It was ADORABLE! I wish I had gotten a photo!

Friday I just had Sophia. She was a little better with the drama. We sat in the floor and played- just the two of us- a lot. I thought that maybe with a little one on one time she would feel a little more secure. Most  of the day went well but, there were a few times when I had to leave the room that the drama started up again. It has to be her age (she is 14 months).

So, today is my first day off in a while. I am enjoying the quiet! LOL But, I can't wait until Tuesday when It all starts up again ;o)

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