Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad, BAD Blogger!

Hello everyone! I know, I know, it has been almost two weeks since I last posted. I get so busy that at the end of the night, I completely forget to blog! I have had the Triplets more and they are a HANDFUL! I call them Triple Trouble.... you can just see the wheels in their heads moving -thinking of what to climb on next! And, they are learning to work together! HELP!!!!!

On top of that, Kirstey turned 18 and decided that she didn't like a rule we had set down. She had been leaving the house at 1 or 2 am and not getting home til 4 am. The Hubbeast and her got into a BIG argument where Kirstey cursed and then the Hubbeast started yelling. The next thing that I know, Kirstey is storming out the door at 9 pm WALKING! She wouldn't tell us where she was going or come back home. So, Summer texted her and found out that she was safe for me. She came home the next day and we had another talk. Her and the Hubbeast are so much alike, they HAVE to learn to talk without yelling at each other! We explained that even though she is 18, there are STILL rules that she has to follow. One is being home at a decent hour and my MAJOR one is no cursing!  I know that this is a normal phase when a child is becoming an adult. She is going to push the limits with us, but I can't wait til it all settles down again. I do not do well with stress with my children.

Also, I have started my low-carb diet again and have been sticking to it. I have lost 9 lbs in a week and a half. So, about 1 pound a day right now. I know it will slow down after this week but, I am ready for it. I actually feel a lot better and my legs have completely quit swelling! I can't wait to have my physical to see how it has effected my cholesterol and blood sugars!

I am going to try to get a post in 3 times a week from here on out. If I'm just doing Menu Planning, it's not much of a blog is it? So, I look forward to talking with everyone more often! Hugz!

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