Sunday, June 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week was a good shopping week! All I spent for groceries was $22.90! I couldn't believe it! And part of that was buying lasagna noodles & cheese for The Hubbeast's Father's Day dinner. The Hubbeast couldn't believe it either! My pantry is FULL and I already had enough meats so, All I needed was milk, bread, juice & eggs!

Since I have started really working on getting our grocery spending in check, I had saved enough to buy The Hubbeast the recliner he has wanted. So, Saturday we went & he picked it out! It will be here later this week. Next I will put up the savings to purchase some new pots and pans!

Now onto this coming week's menu!

   Lunch: Leftover lasagna / green beans / yogurt / juice
   Snack: Animal crackers / milk
   Dinner: Oven fried chicken / mashed potatoes / salad

   Lunch: PB&J sandwiches / bananas/ milk
   Snack: yogurt / juice
   Dinner: Homemade pizza/ salad

   Lunch: Spaghetti / corn / applesauce / milk
   Snack: string cheese / juice
   Dinner: Lemon pepper chicken / rice / green beans

   Lunch: Ham & cheese sandwich / bananas / milk
   Snack: Animal crackers / milk
   Dinner: Beef fajitas / salad

    Lunch: Chicken stir-fry / rice / applesauce / milk
   Snack: yogurt / juice
   Dinner: Eat-out night

   Dinner: Whole roasted chicken / stuffing / green beans / biscuits

   Dinner: Left-overs or sandwiches

For tons more menu ideas, hop over to The Organizing Junkie!

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  1. Looks good! I'd love to know your recipe for Lemon pepper chicken - I'm always looking for new ways to 'reinvent' chicken!


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