Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, another crazy week! Got baby Sohpia this week 24/7. She is TOOOOO sweet and wants to be right  with me at ALL times.I did make up a menu for the week!

*Breakfast Choices:
Cereal, juice
Waffles, milk
Oatmeal, milk
Eggs, bacon, biscuits, milk
Blueberry muffins, milk

*Lunch Choices:
PB&J Sandwich/ milk/ banana
Macaroni & Cheese/ green beans/juice
Leftovers from this night before
Chicken Nuggets/ Fries/ Green Beans/ Juice
Grilled Cheese/ Soup/Applesauce/milk

*Dinner Choices:
 Shake & Bake chicken/ potatoes/ greenbeans
Skirt Steak/ pasta with butter/ corn
Whole roasted chicken/ stuffing/ green beans
Meatloaf/ rice/ gravy/ corn
Eat-Out Night
Leftover smorgashboard

For tons more menu ideas, run on over to The Organizing Junkie and check them out!

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