Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy Wednesday!

Today was crazy & fun! I am getting use to having a baby girl in the house 24/7 again! Plus the triplets came today! So, I had 4 babies that are all one year old - like having quads! They were all so good, play well together, and I even got them to take a nap!

The triplets aren't used to the cats. Ashton was scared of them, Bryce was just a little curious, and Chase was in love with petting Little-Bit! Sophia is so jealous! Chase took up with her and followed her around all day! And, of course since Ashton is bigger than his brothers, he HAS to be the bully! Bryce just flirts with EVERY girl! I'll have to take pictures when they come next Monday so that you can see how adorable they all are!

Hoping you had a good day too!

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