Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Today started out crazier than normal around here. The Hubbeast had to run Rupert kittie to the vet due to blood in his urine & vomiting. I just got the call that he has a UTI and diabetes. So, now I will be injecting him with insulin once or twice a day. I am just so happy that we caught it in time and that he is going to be OK.

Also, I have Luke from now until Friday day & night, We are going to have so much FUN!

This week's menu reflects Luke's tastes for breakfast & lunch!

Breakfast Choices:
Nutrigrain bars
Eggs/ toast/ milk
Oatmeal/ peaches/ milk
Cereal/ banana/ milk
Waffles/ yogurt/ juice

Lunch Choices:
Pizza/ green beans/ milk
Ham & Cheese Sandwich/ Corn/ Milk
Mac & Cheese/ Applesauce/ milk
Spaghetti/ Peaches/ milk

Dinner Choices:
Veal Parmesan/ Pasta/ Salad
BBQ Chicken/ Rice/ Green Beans
Lasagna/ Garlic Bread/ Veggie 
Roasted Chicken/ Green Beans/ New potatoes
Roast Beef/ Stuffing/ Corn

That is the plan for the week! For more menu ideas, check out the Organizing Junkie!

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