Thursday, April 15, 2010

FUN Week!

Sorry I haven't been posting that much lately. I sometimes get so caught up in day-to-day life that I remember that I forgot to blog when I lay my head down at night. This week is even worse since the Hubbeast left for Phoenix to spend a week with his family. Thank goodness he will be back on Monday, I miss having an adult to talk to!

I have had daycare kiddies late this week and starting next week I will have 1 year old triplets 2 days a week. That is a total of 5 under 18 months! LOL We are also getting ready for graduation and prom, etc... for the oldest daughter.

And next month is going to be even more hectic! I have Luke and Sophia from April 30th until May 9th- day and night. Then I have the Luke & Sophia during the day and the Triplets from the 12 through the 19th day and night.  Can you tell I just LOVE my daycare kiddies???? Really, I couldn't see myself doing anything else but, it can be tiring sometimes.

And, with the Hubbeast gone, I forgot to make a menu and we have just been eating whatever, so no menu posted for the week. I'll be so happy when things settle down around here. I've almost forgotten what calm is ;o) Well, I'm going to take a bubble bath and sip on a bottle of Chardonnay! Hope everyone has a good week!

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