Friday, April 30, 2010

Angry & Frustrated!

Just posting a quick update on Rupert. And some STUPID Advice I have gotten!

I am so surprised on the difference in my Big Boy. he is so much happier! He is cleaning himself more, bright eyes and talking to me more! I hadn't really noticed a change in him except for his weight loss (he lost 13 lbs in the past 9 months).

He still HATES his antibiotics and fights me every time I have to give him any. But, not even 5 minutes afterwards he is back for me to pet & love. He is starting to realize what the syringe is and tried to move away when I have to give him his morning insulin. I hope he gets use to it and I hope it doesn't hurt him too much.

When he went to the vet on Monday his sugar level was 430! Normal is between 70 and 150 so it was REALLY elevated! I am hoping that when we go back next Saturday that the numbers are within normal. If not, he will be up to 2 injections daily.

A lot of my so-called friends are telling me just to put Rupert down and get another cat. I get so MAD! I raised Rupert from birth. Hand fed him his bottle every 2 hours, made sure he was warm, walked the floor with him. He is part of my family! Just because he is sick I should end his life? Throw him away like an old pair of slippers? I have 6 cats & 1 dog. Every one of them I LOVE. And, anything I can do to help them if they are sick I will do! Yes, it cost us $400 to take Rupert to the vet.... and, yes it is another $100 a month for his insulin is MY responsibility as his owner to take care of him! If I became diabetic, should I be put down?

So, we juggle the money a little bit more, I take on one or two more daycare kiddies, I cut back on my smoking.... we will make it work. What these "friends" don't understand is that what I need is their support, not their judgement!

Sorry for Bitching... but, I just had to get it out!

Here is a pic of my BIG Boy Rupert!

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