Friday, April 30, 2010

Angry & Frustrated!

Just posting a quick update on Rupert. And some STUPID Advice I have gotten!

I am so surprised on the difference in my Big Boy. he is so much happier! He is cleaning himself more, bright eyes and talking to me more! I hadn't really noticed a change in him except for his weight loss (he lost 13 lbs in the past 9 months).

He still HATES his antibiotics and fights me every time I have to give him any. But, not even 5 minutes afterwards he is back for me to pet & love. He is starting to realize what the syringe is and tried to move away when I have to give him his morning insulin. I hope he gets use to it and I hope it doesn't hurt him too much.

When he went to the vet on Monday his sugar level was 430! Normal is between 70 and 150 so it was REALLY elevated! I am hoping that when we go back next Saturday that the numbers are within normal. If not, he will be up to 2 injections daily.

A lot of my so-called friends are telling me just to put Rupert down and get another cat. I get so MAD! I raised Rupert from birth. Hand fed him his bottle every 2 hours, made sure he was warm, walked the floor with him. He is part of my family! Just because he is sick I should end his life? Throw him away like an old pair of slippers? I have 6 cats & 1 dog. Every one of them I LOVE. And, anything I can do to help them if they are sick I will do! Yes, it cost us $400 to take Rupert to the vet.... and, yes it is another $100 a month for his insulin is MY responsibility as his owner to take care of him! If I became diabetic, should I be put down?

So, we juggle the money a little bit more, I take on one or two more daycare kiddies, I cut back on my smoking.... we will make it work. What these "friends" don't understand is that what I need is their support, not their judgement!

Sorry for Bitching... but, I just had to get it out!

Here is a pic of my BIG Boy Rupert!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What A Fun Day!

Today started out terrible! Luke didn't go to sleep until midnight last night so, I got to bed around 1 this morning. We both got woke up around 6 am and neither one of us were very happy. Sophia arrived around 7:30 am. I got Luke dressed and we enjoyed breakfast.

Then it was time for me to give Rupert kittie his first insulin injection and antibiotics. He didn't even flinch when I gave him the shot but, I had to fight him to get the antibiotics in him! LOL  The three of us went out to play and of course Luke & Sophia had to fight a little (just for fun of course). We came in and had some choice time (whatever they wanted to do) and worked on a new sign (I teach sign language from about 9 months on), then we had snack time.

About 10:30 I somehow managed to get them both down for a nap so I cleaned the kitchen (it seem that no one else knows how to rake out a dish, load the dishwasher or unload it). I had enough time to sit for 10 minutes to have a relaxing cigarette before Sophia woke up. Luckily Luke slept until noon.

Everyone got up & diapers changed, it was time for lunch. Grilled cheese, green beans, and apple juice all around! It was cute to see them fighting over the highchairs! And, Luke actually started kissing Sophia! I wish I had my camera ready! TOO CUTE!

We played with the dolls for a while, had some learning activities, music time and had a snack. Sophia's Father picked her up around 4 pm. Then all Hell broke loose with Luke! I couldn't get out of his sight! He wanted to be under my feet no matter what I was doing. I think he misses his Momma!

I got him fed at 6 and we played until 7:30. We had a FUN bath time (he won the water fight by the way) and I got him in bed about an hour ago.

And the hubbeast wonders why the house looks like a tornado hit it! LOL

Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Today started out crazier than normal around here. The Hubbeast had to run Rupert kittie to the vet due to blood in his urine & vomiting. I just got the call that he has a UTI and diabetes. So, now I will be injecting him with insulin once or twice a day. I am just so happy that we caught it in time and that he is going to be OK.

Also, I have Luke from now until Friday day & night, We are going to have so much FUN!

This week's menu reflects Luke's tastes for breakfast & lunch!

Breakfast Choices:
Nutrigrain bars
Eggs/ toast/ milk
Oatmeal/ peaches/ milk
Cereal/ banana/ milk
Waffles/ yogurt/ juice

Lunch Choices:
Pizza/ green beans/ milk
Ham & Cheese Sandwich/ Corn/ Milk
Mac & Cheese/ Applesauce/ milk
Spaghetti/ Peaches/ milk

Dinner Choices:
Veal Parmesan/ Pasta/ Salad
BBQ Chicken/ Rice/ Green Beans
Lasagna/ Garlic Bread/ Veggie 
Roasted Chicken/ Green Beans/ New potatoes
Roast Beef/ Stuffing/ Corn

That is the plan for the week! For more menu ideas, check out the Organizing Junkie!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

FUN Week!

Sorry I haven't been posting that much lately. I sometimes get so caught up in day-to-day life that I remember that I forgot to blog when I lay my head down at night. This week is even worse since the Hubbeast left for Phoenix to spend a week with his family. Thank goodness he will be back on Monday, I miss having an adult to talk to!

I have had daycare kiddies late this week and starting next week I will have 1 year old triplets 2 days a week. That is a total of 5 under 18 months! LOL We are also getting ready for graduation and prom, etc... for the oldest daughter.

And next month is going to be even more hectic! I have Luke and Sophia from April 30th until May 9th- day and night. Then I have the Luke & Sophia during the day and the Triplets from the 12 through the 19th day and night.  Can you tell I just LOVE my daycare kiddies???? Really, I couldn't see myself doing anything else but, it can be tiring sometimes.

And, with the Hubbeast gone, I forgot to make a menu and we have just been eating whatever, so no menu posted for the week. I'll be so happy when things settle down around here. I've almost forgotten what calm is ;o) Well, I'm going to take a bubble bath and sip on a bottle of Chardonnay! Hope everyone has a good week!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This past week was a doozie! Lets see how this week goes! Hopefully no surprised this week!

  Left Over Turkey Sandwiches with oven fries

   Veal Parmesan (Got a DEAL on the veal)
    Served with pasta

* Wednesday:
   Whole Roasted Chicken
   Roasted Root Veggies

 Eat out night

   Kielbasa cooked with peppers & Onions
   Baked potatoes

  Left Over Smorgasbord

Thats ny plan and I'm sticking to it! For TONS more menu ideasm please check out The Organizing Junkie!

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