Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday- How I Could Do Better

     I read a lot of blogs about being frugal, thirty, budgeting, etc.... And I have learned a great deal over time. But, I have been thinking of how I could do better with our budget.

     The Hubbeast and I had decided to budget $100 a week for groceries back at the beginning of the year. Now, some weeks I can go as low as $65 but, some weeks it can be as high as $175- and that is AFTER the savings using coupons!I could do a lot better here.

     I also am WAY to indulgent with my teen daughters when it comes to money. I know I am. I know I need to pull in the reigns in this area. I justify giving them extra spending money by telling myself that "They are both on the honor roll", or "but, they are such GOOD girls and give us no problems", etc.... I now that I am not only hurting our budget but I am also not teaching them good financial habits. This is another area that I REALLY need to work on.

     I don't particularly spend money on myself. But I do spend on the children I provide daycare for. It is nothing for me to see something adorable, cute educational, etc... and pick it up for the daycare kiddies. Just this past weekend as I was shopping for a baby shower, I saw a little pink car that changes from a push-behind toy to a ride-on toy. I already have one in green for Luke BUT, he doesn't like to share this toy with Spohia. So.... I picked up the pink one for her. Now I got a steal on it but, I SHOULD have just passed it up and worked with Luke on sharing and taking turns instead.

     I could go on and on about other ways I could be thriftier but, those are my MAJOR slip-ups. What about you? Are there ways that you know that you could improve?

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