Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Missing My Hubbeast

     I know, I know.......a very personal subject. But, today that is what I am feeling! The Hubbeast works in the commercial HV/AC  and refrigeration business as a technician. This sometimes means that he can put in close to 100 hours in a week. You would think that after 21 years, I would be use to not seeing his mug for days on end wouldn't you? Well, when the children were younger, I had them to keep me busy 24/7. Now that the oldest two are on their own and the youngest 2 are teenagers I find myself alone a lot of the time after the daycare kiddies leave for the day trying to fill the hours until the Hubbeast pulls in the driveway. And, after his long day, most of the time he goes straight to bed after a quick kiss and an "I'm tired".

     It has gotten so bad that (now... your going to get a BIG laugh out of this), I have been dreaming of him cheating on me the past week . LOL. I told him about it this morning. And, what did he do??? Laughed, patted me on the hiney, and kissed me before heading out the door.I so hope that he is home at a decent hour tonight! I know he is exhausted. And, I miss having him to talk to at night. LOL, books and knitting can only fill so many hours!

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