Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday


Last week's menu plan went OK. We didn't have the pork ribs on Wednesday or the shepherd's pie on Saturday.  I had forgotten about a baby shower I had to attend on Saturday so we just had hot dogs and tots.
The rest of the week went as planned. Hopefully this week will be better!

You may notice a slight difference in the meals. My oldest daughter and I both suffer from PCOS and have been ordered by our doctor to follow a low-carb diet to help with the symptoms. So, you will notice some strange combinations for us. Here is the plan.

  Garlic herb pork lion
  buttered egg noodles (roasted zucchini for me & Kirstey)
  green salad

  Ranch Parmesan Chicken
  brown rice
  corn (a salad for me & Kirstey)

  Tasty Crock Pot BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs
  mashed potatoes (mashed cauliflower for me & Kirstey)
  green beans

  Roasted chicken
  some type of pasta (a green salad for me & Kirstey)
  Brussels sprouts

  Left-over buffet

  Eat-out night

  Roasted whole chicken
  dressing (roasted root veggies-sans potatoes for me & Kirstey)
  corn on the cob

That is the plan! The Hubbeast is on-call from Thursday night until the following Monday morning so, we will see how it goes on the weekend. For tons of more menu ideas, hop over to the Organizing Junkie and check out what everyone else has planned!

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