Monday, February 22, 2010

What? My Family is SPOILED?

Yes, you read the header right. I have been told by a certain "friend" that I have spoiled The Hubbeast and the kiddies! I thought that I was just being thrifty! You see, I LOVE being a wife and a SAHM. I truly believe that it was what I was meant to do with my life.

When I cook things from scratch I get accused of spoiling my family! What the "Friend" does not understand is that I ENJOY cooking! I always have! Not only is it cheaper to make most things from scratch, it is also healthier (you know what is in there), and it tastes better! Plus I LOVE the look on my family's face when they enjoy what I make! The look on their faces when they take that first bite of cheesecake or homemade bread is priceless and makes me feel so good!

I make my own laundry detergent because the Hubbeast and eldest daughter have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and cannot use most commercial detergents! The only ones that they do not react to are the "baby" detergents and they are pricey! So, I make my own to save not only money but for the health of my family!

Now, this "Friend" is also the first to ask me to cook for the parties that she likes to throw. It never fails! As soon as she starts planning I get the call...."Can you make 4 dozen mini cheesecakes for me"? "Can you make 5 dozen mini quiches for me"? "You know how everyone LOVES them"! LOL It  sometimes drives me crazy! But, it is flattering at the same time.

Does anyone else get this from people? The "spoiling" your family from people who have no clue?

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