Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

 Shelly at The Coupon Teacher posted a questionnaire today and I thought that it would be fun to join in and answer!

How Thrifty Are You?

1.  Do you use coupons to save over 50% or more on your groceries?  I use coupons but, I usually save 25 to 35%. I just can't seem to get it higher for some reason.

2. Do you reuse paper products like foil, plastic baggies, or plastic utensils?  Yeppers! Though, I do not buy plastic utensils, I do wash & reuse plastic freezer bags and I reuse our plastic grocery bags (I have even crocheted purses out of plastic grocery bags).

3. Do you buy things like clothes, home goods, or entertainment items for full price? I usually visit the thrift store first, then look for sales in retail stores. If I REALLY need it, I will pay full price.

4. Do you eat out more than once a week?  No, we only eat out once a week- usually Friday nights. Sometimes, if money is extremely tight we will skip this and make something special at home instead.

5. Do you feel an obligation to take free samples or toiletries in hotels? Oh yes! That is what they are for isn't it?

6. Do you send it more than one mail in rebate a month? No. Actually I have never sent in for a rebate.

7. Do you feel an obligation or need to stop at every yard sale you pass? Not at all. I do look as we drive by though.

8. Do you recycle items on Freecycle or for money? No. I donate most still nice items that we do not want / need to our local thrift store.

9. Have you lowered all your bills to the smallest amount you can pay for acceptable services? We are trying to do this. It will take some time. We have gotten the credit cards paid off and now own NONE!

10.  Have you figured out the best way to save money is to spend less and stretch all you have as far as you can? I am working on the stretching. But, being thrifty is a learning process .

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great! Stockpiling and menu planning will help you reduce your grocery bills even more!


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