Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Today's Thrifty Thursday's post is going to be about what I do to earn extra money while being a SAHM.

     I have not worked outside of my home since I found out I was expecting my oldest daughter almost 19 years ago. But I have made a small income during that time. Mostly I run an in-home daycare and charge a reasonable rate (most people think I give it away). 90% of the children I care for come from single-parent households and if I charged more, the parent couldn't afford daycare. This allows me to earn extra funds, gives the children a loving, nurturing environment and has allowed me to be home to raise my 4 children. Plus, I am at home anyways so I would rather be doing something productive that trying to find something to keep myself busy. Right now I have 4 children that I provide care for (Destiny 10 who I have 5 days a week, Landon 5 who I have occasionally, Luke 15 months who I have 5 days a week, and Sophia 9 months who I have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) and starting Monday I will have 10 month old triplet boys on Mondays.

     I have also made a little extra money by knitting or crocheting for profit. I knit socks for an alpaca farm for about a year. I have sold items I have made to friends and family. I also make Birthday and Holiday gifts which in turn saves me cash.

     The funds that I make pays for my girl's lunches, puts gas in my daughter's car, pays our water bill, buys our groceries,  pays for my girl's cell phones and I have even got a small emergency fund- all being a SAHM. The Hubbeast then covers the rest.

     This is what works for us. To get more thrifty ideas, please check out The Coupon Teacher!


  1. You sure have found some great ways to earn extra income! Knitting socks from Alpaca fleece must be a lot of fun!


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