Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Typical Tuesday

Today is hopefully going to be a typical day. Yesterday was crazy. Summer was home with a migraine and numbness in her right arm again so I was on-edge all day thinking that she would have another seizure. Which threw me into the edge of panic attacks all day. Baby Luke is sick and I was chasing him around wiping his nose or fighting him to suction him out (boy did he HATE me yesterday). His Mom picked him up around 3 to take him to the doctor. Turns out he has a virus- poor baby. And, I overcooked the meatballs! I NEVER overcook ANYTHING! The kiddies complained but ate them anyway, so did the Hubbeast.

The Hubbeast hasn't been home hardly at all. Working 80+ hours a week and getting home hours after I go to bed most nights. Or, I fall asleep from sheer exhaustion before he comes home. I miss him terribly. I know that I should be grateful that he has a reliable job but, sometimes I miss adult conversation or him just sitting with me on the couch. It has been this way pretty much since we met 21 years ago so you think that I would be use to it by now LOL. But, being agoraphobic keeps me home bound 99% of the time so, he is my only "adult" to converse in person with. There are only so many meaningful conversations that you can have with a 17 year old, a 15 year old, a 10 year old or a 1 year old! As well, such is life! We will have to make a date night soon!

 So, today I NEED a typical Tuesday! Maybe the Hubbeast will be home before 9 pm tonight. Crossing my fingers that I will get it ;o)

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