Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

Yesterday was so much fun! I had the girls home (which is a rare occurrence these days when school is out). Kirstey did slip out for a while to hang out with some friends. I have a very productive day cleaning. Summer bleached the kitchen counters and mopped the floors for me while I got outside and pruned the hedges. It was SO nice to be outside actually doing something.

It actually got me dreamiong of Spring. Of what I am going to plant in the flower beds. I'm trying to decide on which bed will become my annual bed and which ones will be planted with perennials and which will be veggies and herbs. I am thinking of the front bed for the annuals. I am also thinking of planting some hostas or ferns underneath the Birch trees in front. Some hanging baskets for the porch and maybe some window planters this year.

I know that I am planting some new rose bushes in the back bed but I am not sure of which variety. I have to have at least one yellow rose bush. Just have to! Some white also. They would go so well with my blue hydrangeas! I have also had my eyes on some canna lilies, some lavender and some giant black elephant ears this year. Summer wants to do a purple and yellow bed. She had never planted anything but I may give her the small bed this year. And, of course, Kirstey HAS to have a bed in burgundy and black! We will make her a new bed this year. It is going to be hard finding anything that blooms black!

We are also putting in an arbor in place of two cedar trees that lost the battle with bag worms. I think that the Hubbeast has decided to try to build one himself. I told him that it HAS to have a bench built in along with some planters. I am thinking of either climbing roses, ivy, morning glories or honeysuckle to cover the arbor. I am leaning towards the honeysuckle for the fragrance (but, also thinking of the bees that it will attract).

I'm usually not very good at growing veggies. So, I am starting small. Just some tomatoes & peppers I think. And if they don't do well, I will be heading to the farmer's market anyhoo. For the herbs I am planting basil, parsley, sage & oregano. I already have a gorgeous rosemary bush that needs pruning when it warms enough.

Is it just me or is anyone else dreaming of Spring?

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