Sunday, January 31, 2010

Freezer Cooking

Well, I was all prepared for a good Freezer Cooking this weekend then....I had the daycare kiddies late on Friday... The Hubbeast had to make an emergency stop at the grocery store due to an upcoming storm....and we got 5 inches of snow!

I forgot to tell the Hubbeast to pic up freezer bags and/ or vacuum sealer bags. So, the cooking for my Freezer will not be as hoped. But I will still do what I can.

Here is what I have planned to make:
*baking mixes: pancake, cornbread and possibly cake mixes and brownie mixes.
* ground beef  for chili, tacos
* meatballs

*possibly some bread

I will continue to look for other ideas. I only have a very small amount of freezer space (just the one above my fridge)so I have to be careful.

What are YOU adding to the Freezer this month? For ideas, run over to Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom & check out what others are coming up with!

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