Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat From The Pantry Challenge

This is my last week for the Eating From The Pantry Challenge. I must say I haven't bee perfect but, I DID cut our spending quite a bit! Yesterday we made our last shopping trip for the month and here is what I purchased:

*3 lbs ground beef
* container of kitty littler
* Kitty Food
* milk
* eggs
* sugar
* lettuce
* 1 cucumber
* bananas

I spent a total; of $48 (our kitties are spoiled and will only use 1 type of litter and only eat 1 type of food).
The girls are starting to fuss about the lack of snack choices LOL.

What I have learned this past month is that we actually do not NEED as much as I was buying! I have cut our spending WAY down and I think we have been eating a LOT better. I will definitely be looking at my shopping & spending a lot differently from now on. Thanks to MoneySavingMom & LifeAsMom for hosting this!

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