Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It's been another week of this darned cold/flu (whatever it is). The Hubbeast came down with it last week, he is just about over it now (he always gets over things faster than everyone else). I also came down with an ear & sinus infection due to the cold. Walking around dizzy is NO fun! Kirstey is also suffering from a lingering cough and is terrified that she is going to lose her voice. She has a solo in this year's Holiday Concert and is also going caroling today. I think she will be OK though.

My family all came over this past Saturday and, of course, the Hubbeast had to work all day. I also had Luke and he was scared of EVERYONE so, I couldn't put him down the whole day. My Mom & Summer did most of the cooking after I got the turkey cooking. I love my family, don't get me wrong, but I was so glad when the day was over. 20 people is a lot at once! LOL- Luke ate so much I really thought that he was going to make himself sick! There was only one thing that he didn't like- deviled eggs. You should have seen the face he made- it was priceless! LMBO!

Now onto the menu for the week. Sorry it is so late but......better late than never!

*Monday (yesterday):
   Philly Cheesesteaks

   Whole Crock-Pot Chicken

   Roast Beef
   Pasta with Herb Butter Sauce
   Green Beans

   Left-Over Buffet

   Eat-Out Night

   Fried Chicken
   Mashed Potatoes
   Brussels Sprouts

   Company is coming so I am not sure what we are having yet.
   Probably Roasted Pork Loin
   Sweet Potatoes
   Green Beans
But, don't hold me to it! LOL

For tons of more menu ideas, please visit the Organizing Junkie!

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  1. yuck. it sure does stink being sick. hope you all feel better soon!

    your menu sounds great!

    Stop by my blog (www.savingthosedollars.blogspot.com) and share some of your favorite dessert recipes in my cookie swap!

    Merry Christmas!


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