Monday, December 7, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This past week has been hectic! And, this coming up week will be more of the same. I just hope that no one new gets sick this week. Summer, Kirstey & myself have all been battling colds with the colds winning (Summer has bronchitis).

This coming week my whole family will be coming for our Holiday get-together. Mind you, my Mother called me this past Saturday to INFORM me that it will be at my house this year AND that she was giving me 1 week notice! It doesn't matter that The Hubbeast is on-call from Thursday night until Monday morning! Hopefully he will be able to be home to at least eat. We still have to decorate the outside of the house, shampoo the carpet, decorate the inside of the house, and find, put up and decorate the tree by Friday! (My Mother also INFORMED me that she is spending the night Friday night, even though she has NEVER stayed over night at our home). Can you tell that I am a little irked about the way things were thrown on me last minute? LOL

I did, however, manage to do my weekly shopping and menu planning. I went WAY over budget AGAIN- spending a total of $226, but saved $136 with coupons & specials. My pantry is so stuffed I can't put another item in if I wanted to so, until the 1st of the year, it will be minimum shopping for necessities!

Here is the menu for this coming week.

* Monday:
   Stuffed burgers (I missed this one last week)

   Roasted whole chicken

   Pork Roast
   Macaroni & Cheese
   Green beans

   Left-overs delight

  Eat-Out Night (Mom is going to be here)

   Potato Salad
   Deviled Eggs
   Cranberry Sauce
   Green Beans
   Baked Beans
   Cheese Cake
   Apple Crisp
   Pumpkin Pie
   Whatever else my sister's bring


This is the plan for now. Now to go rest & try to get my sinuses to clear. I HATE being sick, makes me feel so loopy! LOL

For hundreds of other menu ideas, please visit The Organizing Junkie!

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  1. Huge, huge wonderful dinner! I know we just had Thanksgiving, but oh, this looks fantastic. Yummy! I could eat leftover from your meal for a whole week. You are making my mouth water!


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