Friday, November 27, 2009


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday!

Mine started with me waking up sick, not a good sign. The Hubbeast had to run a get a few forgotten items at the grocer store (how did I forget things this week)? And he picked up Summer who, also came home sick. I got the deviled eggs done and in the fridge, the bacon crescent appetizers baked and Summer made the pumpkin pie. Then I got a surprising phone call- my oldest son Michael was going to make it for Thanksgiving dinner! it was so nice to see him- I hadn't seen him in months and I swear that he had gotten taller! (Even though he said that at 24, he thinks that all of his growing is finished).

I got the rest of the dinner finished by 3 pm and we all ate WAY too much! The turkey turned out extremely moist since I injected it with melted butter (my little secret). Michael commented on the dressing, saying he had forgotten how good my cooking was. The Hubbeast cleaned the kitchen, dishes & all (he is toooo sweet)! While we waited for our stomachs to settle. A few hours later we had apple pie (Michael's favorite), pumpkin pie (the Hubbeast's favorite), cherry pie (Kirstey's favorite) and pecan pie (Summer's favorite). I'm not a sweets person unless it is cheesecake and I didn't feel like making one this year.

Then Michael had to go home ;o( 

It was a terrific day! The only way it could have been better was if my youngest son Robert was able to be home. We all missed him. But, we called him during dinner and talked while he has his Thanksgiving with his Father's family.

I hope your day was as special as mine!

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