Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slow-Cooker Saturday & Shopping Sunday

We had a good weekend! The Hubbeast had put in for vacation pay and the check was deposited Friday. He had 80 hours of vacation time and it turned out to me more than we expected. So, now we are prepared for the hospital bills when they arrive. We also went ahead and paid all of the bills even if they weren't due yet. And, I did some MAJOR grocery shopping!

At Lowe's Foods our total came to $97.28 after $76.00 in savings!
At Food Lion our total came to $136.47 after $63.99 in savings!

So,  we got $373.74 worth of groceries for $233.75, total savings of $139.99! And my pantry is overflowing! I knew that we will have to be really tight with groceries for the rest of the year so, I stocked as much as I could. In the coming weeks, we will only need meats, milk, bread, eggs and yogurt each week! I already have everything I need for Christmas/Yule dinner except for the main course!

Also, my slow-cooker quit on me Saturday. We thought about running to Wally World to get a new one but, I know that they are going to have some great sales this Friday so, I will wait until then (but I MISS my slow-cooker)! That was my weekend, how was yours?

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