Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just An Update On Summer & The Hubbeast

An update on Summer: She went for a EEG on Monday, it was the last test they needed to. We got the results yesterday and it was completely normal. So, they can find no reason for her seizure besides her migraine. We go this afternoon to see her new neurologist, Dr. Zen (I LOVE that name- he has to be the most mellow doctor around), and to see what treatment she is going to be put on. She is SO tired of me being so protective (I make her keep the baby monitor turned on in her room at all times so I can hear if something is wrong- and she HATES it)! I'm sure she will be happy to get back to just being a teenager and being able to hang out with her friends. And the Hubbeast and I will be able to relax a little and maybe I will finally be able to sleep- it's been a week with about 3 hours sleep total for me.

The Hubbeast is doing just fine. He went to the Dr. Tuesday for his panic attack. She wants to see him 2 more times over the next 2 weeks before she decides if he is going to need medication. She is thinking that it was the fear of losing Summer that caused the panic attack since he has no history of them. Hopefully this was a one-time-deal for it all!

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