Thursday, October 22, 2009

Think-Ahead Thursday

OK, I decided to title my Thursday "Think-Ahead Thursdays" because my grocery store sales fliers usually arrive on Wednesdays. So, I start thinking about my menu for the next week.

I already have plenty of groceries in the house due to last weeks extravagant shopping on Sunday so, I can plan a few meals already. I'm still not sure of breakfasts , snacks, or lunches yet (those are the meals that I always have trouble stocking up for).

Here are a few Dinner meals that I have in mind for next week:

* Chicken & Rice Soup from my new crock-pot cookbook.
I do not have herbs de provance but, I was thinking of substituting poultry seasoning and/or sage.

* Meatball Subs.
I have everything I need except for the rolls and I'll make them this Saturday or Sunday. I'll make a homemade marinara sauce instead of buying a jar because I already have all of the ingredients in my pantry.

* Hawaiian Chicken (My own recipe which I will post after making it), served with rice & veggie.

* Pork Fried Rice (I have everything except for soy sauce).

That leaves 2 other meals to plan between now & Sunday's Shopping trip.

I also need to make more bread this weekend (maybe before). We are down to half of a loaf left out of the 3 loaves I made on Sunday. I am also going to bake some cinnamon rolls on Sunday (wish me luck, it will be my first time making them from scratch). I will make a double batch and freeze some individually for quick breakfasts next week (I know, not very nutritious but, they won't be eaten every day, I promise).

As far as the weekly breakfasts, lunches & snacks go- I am thinking of trying a recipe for homemade granola. That may wait until the following week though. Lunches will be left-overs from dinner, sandwiches, mac & cheese or soup depending on how often I have Landon (he is actually a 4 year old with a taste for healthy foods- can you believe he even likes salads with bleu-cheese dressing)? I always keep popcorn and fruit in the house for a snack but, i like to have something sweet around also. Maybe I'll make some cookies with Landon one day.

That is what is floating around in my head so far for next week. We will see if it stays planned that way-LOL

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