Thursday, October 15, 2009

Terrible Thursday

What a day it has been! First, our TV goes out! Not the cable, the flat screen in the LIVING ROOM! Luckily it is still under warranty but it will be tomorrow afternoon/evening before the repair person even shows up, let alone fixes it (that will probably take longer, of course). No cartoons for the 4 year old while the 11 month old naps (we usually watch a movie for his quiet time). Hopefully it won't take too long. BUT I can't watch Survivor tonight unless Summer will let me take over her TV for an hour tonight.

And, I found fleas on my cat! F-L-E-A-S! I absolutely HATE, DESPISE, no, LOATHE ENTIRELY <-----(think of Jim Carey as the Grinch when reading ) pests in my home of ANY type! So The Hubbeast is at the vet right now picking up treatments for ALL 6 cats and the dog plus the strongest over-the-counter flea control for the house (vet recommended of course). Now, if this does not work, I have already called around for exterminator prices and found that Orkin is the cheapest for flea treatment in our area (even cheaper that our regular exterminator that treats the outside of the house for pests (spiders & ants).

So, that has set us back $110 we didn't expect to spend this week. Another creative grocery week I guess! Oh well, good thing I have learned some trick from everyone on the net ;o)

So, that was my day- hope yours was better!

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