Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shopping Day Sunday!

Well, sorry it has been so long since my last post, things have been hectic. I'll try to be a better blogger- promise I will!

Today was a great shopping day. The Hubbeast said that we only had $100 this week for groceries. Now, I am use to not having a set amount to spend but, his hours have been lacking at work due to it getting cooler (he works in the Heating & Air industry) and I had to let one of the children I have been caring for the longest go due to her Mother's non-payment. Luke was out all but 1 day and I didn't have Landon at all since Jen was put on bed-rest due to pregnancy complications (she and the baby-bump are both fine) so, I only made $20 this week myself.

So, I looked through my pantry and refrigerator to see what was on-hand then went through the sales fliers & my coupon organizer. And, I must say that I did pretty well! I only spent $75!

Here are a few items that I got steals on:

*2 whole chickens for $3.00 each (sale for .69 lb).
*9 boxes of frozen veggies for .50 a box! They were on sale for $1 each and I had doubled coupons!
*4 packages of tuna for .25 each. Again, sale & doubled coupons!
* 2 boxes of Hot Pockets for .25 each. Sale & doubled coupons!
* Brand name shampoo & conditioner for $1.50 each and a free hair mousse! Sale & Coupon
* Brand name cat food for $3.00 Sale & Coupon.

There is more but in total I saved $58.00! I even got the kitty litter cheap this week and my kitties will ONLY use 1 brand. Spoiled aren't they?

That leaves us with $25 to last until Thursday morning when the Hubbeast gets paid again! The kiddos have lunch money for the week and the car is full with gas so....everything is OK ;o)

How did your Shopping go this week?

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