Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shopping Sunday

Well, today was Shopping Sunday! The day when I play a game with myself to see how much money I can save on groceries for the week. I got out the sales fliers and my coupons and hit the store with the best deals of the week.

I did pretty good! Between the store specials & my coupons I saved $98 and some change(that brings my total saving for a month to $376.00)!The best weekly total since I started shopping sales. One special I missed (and don't know how) is the special on laundry detergent. You buy 2 bottles & get 3 free this week! 3 FREE! The Hubbeast is going back for that- he will pick up 10 bottles (the limit you can get).

We got home & Angie came over to clean my bathroom & dressing area. Let me explain- she is a friend that I baby sit for (Destiny's Mother). She had gotten behind on paying me by $300+ and is a single mom with a very limited income. But, she does work for a maid service so......since I HATE housework (but I do clean daily), we bartered. She will clean for me and I will watch Destiny. It helps me out a lot since it is hard for me to get everything done with so many kiddos. I get the basics done, don't get me wrong but a lot of things that you don't normally do daily I just forget like dusting, baseboards, the blinds, cobwebs, etc....

Tomorrow is Me Day Monday so I get to relax & do some crafting after getting laundry done & vacuuming! I need to start a new project so, off to look for some patterns that talk to me!

Night all!

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